Skill and activity’s

Bases in Saigon, HCMC Vietnam with the focus on Indochina but we have work in most part of the world


Core Ativitys are:


Implementing standards, redefined roles and responsibilities, and instilled a culture of accountability, open communication, and professionalism in the department.


Mentioning and trained IT best practices and reinforced the end-users on corporate IT policies and safe and secure computing, as well as corporate IT risk management policies.


Handling procurement and managing vendors and clients building and deploying central and decentralize data systems and data management, CRM, ERP, BCP and DM, development and testing solutions from leading brands.


Specialties: Security Profiling, Corporate IT Profiling, coordination of resources, Search results manipulation, GIS solution, Telematics supply chain solution.


For ref. of current of ongoing engagement just ask, Some i’m able to share some not